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Our Story

All women are Goddesses, and it with this belief that inspired the creation of Kinky Coily Goddess. For us then, all women with naturally kinky hair are therefore Goddesses!

To us, our hair is everything; it's a symbol of who we are and a representation of what we offer to the world; it's a symbol of our creativity and our individuality; it also serves as a symbol of our pride in ourselves; and it gives us the strength and courage to take on the world every day. Our hair serves as our superpower. As such our aim at KCG is for women to feel empowered and motivated to flaunt their natural kinks in any situation.

We believe that every day should be a good hair day, which is why we offer only the highest quality, 100% human hair extensions to our Goddesses who were born with naturally kinky hair. Our 100% human virgin hair extensions are available in a variety of styles, lengths, and textures. They are the ideal fit for any Goddess and vary from Kinky straight to 3B-4C hair textures. All of our hair is obtained ethically, and our products are handcrafted by designers who follow the highest standards for crafting each KCG item.

We are committed to the community of women who: appreciate, care for, and adore their natural kinky tresses. We aim to offer as much advice as we can in the form of product reviews and how-to information ranging from styling to self-care.

Every woman should feel empowered to celebrate her individuality, femininity, beauty, and hair as she progresses along her path to self-discovery and the realization of the Goddess within. We won't ever give up spreading these powerful, empowering, and encouraging messages of self-love and confidence to all. 

“Stay Lovely, Stay Bold. Stay Goddess”.